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How to Practice Ekachakra Dhyan?

Lie down and mentally project a realistic painting of Nitai’s Ekachakra Lila on a wall through an imaginary beam of light being projected on the wall from a projector. Then close or half close your eyes and visualize that painting turning into a movie of Nitai in His divine eternal realm of Ekachakra in your mind’s theater and zoom in on the smaller parts of that movie one by one.


“In whichever place and in whatever form, the devotees practice the Lord’s MEDITATIONS, in that very form and in that very place, He manifests Himself without any delay.” (Cb 2.23.512)

Just open your heart to the unconditional love of Nitai via long (1/2, 1, 2, 3, 6, 9, or 12) hours of this daily Ekachakra meditation practice for Harinam Ruchi and see for yourself how it benefits you in all aspects of your Bhakti. You can practice this Dhyan while chanting Harinam also because the goal of Harinam is to fix your mind on the Lord. In this way, you can chant Harinam for long hours effortlessly.

How to Practice in Full Detail

1. 🛌 Lie down on your back with your head towards the South, East, or South East. Prop your head up just a little with a pillow to make it easy for you to look at a large plain wall which should be in front of you. Optionally, chant Harinam, sing Kirtan, or start playing a soulful audio about Nitai’s Ekachakra Lila with a background flute track on a speaker or through your earphones and merge its sound with the visualization described below.

2. 📽 👀 As you are laying down, with open eyes, mentally project and visualize on that wall a realistic painting of Nitai’s Ekachakra Lila. Try to mentally animate it like you are watching a movie on the wall. You can occasionally glance back at the image of this painting on a phone or tablet, if you are not able to recollect and visualize all its minute details on the wall on your own.

3. 😚💭 Then finally close your eyes partly or fully and zoom in to focus your mind’s eye on the minutest details of any smaller scene (area) in that Ekachakra movie you like. Try to dwell on these smaller areas one by one as vividly as you can in your mind. When the clarity of this internal vision starts fading, reopen your eyes, again visualize the movie on the wall, and repeat the same.

4. Keeping  your eyes slightly open at times while mediating may also help in increasing the clarity, if the visualization starts to fade away with fully closed eyes.

5. If you have captured this Ekachakra movie within your mind and thus do not need to look at the wall anymore by lying on your back, turning and lying on your right side with fully closed eyes may also help to go deeper in meditation. This is because it further activates our left nostril and hence the right visualizing hemisphere of our brain.

💡 Tips to Make Your Dhyan More Vivid

1. Lying down is an absolute must for the most vivid meditation possible. You might end up being able to visualize almost nothing if you are sitting upright or standing. To reiterate, if you don’t lie down, you may end up staring at just a blank wall and then complaining that you can’t visualize anything.

2. This is because 🛌 lying down “deactivates” the Locus Coeruleus in our brains and thus helps us to visualize with much more clarity. It also reduces our sympathetic activity (our fight or flight responses) and increases our parasympathetic activity, which allows body and nervous system to rest and greatly enhances digestion and as a result our brain’s power to visualize.

3. Due to reduction in our sympathetic activity and increase in parasympathetic activity, the work done by our heart during is significantly reduced. This means all devotees can safely incorporate this meditative lying down practice in their regular routine.

4. Lying down in a relaxed position enhances your ability to withstand stress induced by the cold pressor test and this ability can be achieved with just seven days of lying down training.

5. Lying down and meditating enables us to absorb and overcome the debilitating effects of every day hassles, stress, anxiety, and hypertension.

6. The fundamental effect of lying down is to make our blood flow evenly all across our body by negating the discriminatory effect that gravity has on blood circulation. That is why meditating while lying down is known as the Zero Gravity meditation.

7. Lying down stops the Locus Coeruleus from producing norepinephrine (noradrenaline) which is the cause for the arousal of our manifold attention, locomotion, and physical activeness hence also the reason for making us less creative in visualizing.

8. This in turn stops us from breakthrough visualizations and ideas when we are sitting upright or walking. Therefore, as they say, the best visions and innovations are discovered in the bed! EUREKA!!

9. If you are not able to visualize clearly or you are falling asleep when you lie down, try to get as much deep sleep as possible in the night or take naps in the day. Then immediately try again on waking up, which is the best time to practice this meditation anyway. You have to master the air of meditating while lying down instead of falling asleep. That is the only way.

10. If you are falling asleep by lying down, it may be because you are artificially waking up too early in the morning or sleeping too late, thus leaving yourself sleep deprived throughout the day as result.

11. Try to mentally projectthe Ekachakra Lila as large as you can on the wall. The larger you project, the more minutely you can visualize every single area in that projection, even if it is tiny.

12. Ideally, please don’t pour water on your head if you take bath before practicing this meditation. You can do that anytime later.

13. Ideally, do not cover your head with any cloth or wear socks when you lie down for this meditation.

14. As you visualize, hearing soulful sounds about Ekachakra’s Nitya Lila with a background flute track through a speaker is the best without blocking your ears. You can also listen to them on hi-res in-ear earphones like the Philips PRO6305, etc.

15. For the most vivid meditation, keep your room dimly lit so that there is just enough light to clearly see the wall in front of you. A brightly lit room may reduce the clarity in your meditation, just like it reduces the clarity of a movie projected by a projector.

16. Try to visualize the far off places in Nitai’s spiritual realm of Ekachakra in the wall projection. Like a pond, river, trees, birds, cows, animals, etc. This will help you to get quickly pulled into the meditation and even wander around in His divine realm which is in the topmost spiritual planet of Goloka Vrindavana.

17. Any flat surface, cloth, screen, sky, background, etc. would work if a plain wall is not available. It should ideally be as large as possible so that you can mentally project on it in a large size.

18. Try to do this meditation in your bed before you fall asleep for as long as possible in order to see divine dreams of Nitai and to wake up in total bliss and sheer joy.

19. Through this meditation, the forms of Nitai and His associates will come to life very quickly, start moving, pull you inside Their realm, and begin reciprocating with your spiritual form with their infinite love, bliss, and light.

20. And guess what would this mean for you? It will finally end your soul’s eternally painful cycle of birth and death forever, once and for all.

❓Questions and Answers

Q1. Why do I need to lie down during this mediation?

A. To “deactivate” your Locus Coeruleus so that you can visualize with extreme vividness and thus experience the deepest meditation, bliss, and relaxation possible.

You can try it yourself and see. If you can meditate more vividly while sitting upright or standing than by lying down as per our recommendation then just do that. Don’t take our word for it. Test it our yourself.

Q2. Why do I need to visualize Ekachakra Dhyan first on a wall? Why can’t I do it fully mentally right from the beginning?

A. Visualizing it on the wall first helps to capture it fully within our mind when we close our eyes for deeper Dhyan. Just like how the scenes of a projected movie you have watched on a large screen (wall) in a movie theater keeps on playing within your mind over and over again for days even after you leave the movie theater.

Q3. Why Ekachakra’s Nitya Lila not Vraja’s Nitya Lila or Navavdipa’s Nitya Lila?

Q4. But Dhyan was the Yuga Dharma of Satya Yuga and not Kali Yuga. So why should I practice Dhyan now?

Q6. Isn’t lying down considered laziness in Bhakti?

Q6. Would lying down for meditation may make me fat?

A. Lying down does not make you obese or fat. Eating junk food does. In fact, it leads to reduction in weight because lying down makes you eat less as you use up much less energy while lying down.

The concept behind this is that, the energy that you get by processing the food is not burnt if you lie down and so, it gets stored as such, and thus you don’t feel hungry and hence prevent yourself from eating more and getting fat.

And the opposite is also true. A lack of lying down and enough deep sleep induces a larger appetite from decreased leptin and increased ghrelin. So you end up eating more when you are not lying down or sleeping enough and thus get more fat actually.

Lyng down after eating means that your body will devote energy to digestion. This will mean it will digest things more efficiently and you will not get fat in fact.

There doesn’t seem to be much medical data to support the causal relationships between lying down and bad health, in the absence of pathological states such as GERD.

Dhyan is the best while lying down on your back. But you can continue it with closed eyes while lying down on your left side too, especially after eating.

Lying down on your left side after eating assists digestion according to Ayurveda and thus should keep your tummy greatly in check.

1. When you sleep on left side, your stomach and duodenum come in a somewhat straight line. This helps in easy emptying of your stomach into your small intestine.

2. On the left side of your stomach there is greater curvature of your stomach which has an obtuse angle. This helps the food you have eaten to easily pass into your intestine for further assimilation if you lie down on your left side after eating food.

3. When you lie down on your left side after eating food, the food automatically goes in the downward direction for further digestion. Instead of coming up into your esophagus and causing indigestion and acid reflux which happens when you are sitting in an upright position or lying down on your right side after eating food.

4. Also because your stomach is shaped towards the left and bile secretion also travels from right to left.

5. If you gain weight, it won’t be because of lying down. Actually both lying down and sleep are beneficial for the weight loss process.

6. Lying down and sleep helps keep your metabolism functioning properly.

7. They both promote peak mental functioning. The mind is essential in making good choices with food, so you want to give it the rest it needs.

8. Lying down also prevents you from doing any additional snacking. Simply because you can’t eat when you’re lying down and you don’t feel hungry too.

9. Most people who are obese word hard for so many hours daily. So lying down has nothing to do about getting fat.

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9 thoughts on “How to Practice Ekachakra Dhyan?”

  1. Wow dear guruji. This is such an amazing and clear article about how to meditate on Nitai. I will read it regularly to make sure I am doing the best meditation method. All my previous obstacles in meditation are going away with what I have tried so far. It is so easy to meditate in this way. You explain the meditation so nicely. I will read this regularly to remind myself of each step and to make sure I am follow the process properly. 💙

  2. Thanks Guruji for such clear and concise instructions on how to meditate. Really like the details as it is helping me to increase my capacity to visualize to be able to think of Nitai’s most beautiful abode. This technique certainly works as I couldn’t have imagined even in my dreams to be able to meditate with so much clarity before.

    This article is very helpful as it clarifies every minute detail, especially the recommended DOs and DONTs. For example, not pouring water on the head works like a charm for meditation after having taken a shower. Also, lying down has been working so well for me to visualize upon Nitai, His associates, and the divine realm.

    Your descriptions are extremely clear as if you are reading my mind to answer any questions that may arise in the mind while reading. Thanks again🙏

  3. This is a fact. Normally when we relax we can have clear visions. Our mind is free to think during resting. Mind can act with full focus as other functions of our body are at rest.

  4. Thank you so much Guruji, for mentioning ever single thing about how to meditate on Nitai in full detail. Truly, this article is very helpful. I will read it again to make sure I don’t miss anything. Now I can do this meditation without any confusion. This article makes everything so crytal clear. The meditation on Nitai is truly blissful, I personally experienced and it really helped.

  5. One experiences so much of bliss through meditating on Nitai. Its truly an escape from the material world. One can envision one’s true self through this meditation. Thank you so much dear Guruji for giving us the spiritual vaccine available to cure the disastrous transmigration disease.

  6. Amazing writing. Very detailed, and explained so well Guruji. The tips are honestly very helpful. I have myself found the meditation posture, and quality sleep tips to be helpful in visualising Nitai better.

  7. Dear Guruji, Your step by step guidance is helping me a lot. Today, I experienced beautiful feeling of bliss while meditating on Nitai. This meditation is literally very powerful and most helpful. Thank You a million times!