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My Daily 12 Hours Meditation Diary Begins

As time is flying by very fast in my life, the very primordial question which I am asking myself every single day is why I became a monk in the first place.

Every single time I ask myself this question, I come up with only one reply from the very rock-bottom depths of my soul.

My whole being loudly cries out to me in unison that I have become a monk for the only sole purpose to dedicate every second of this rarely achieved human life of mine for the sole purpose of constantly meditating on my loving Nitai.

Lots of deeply contemplative thoughts are flowing within me today.

vairagira kritya sada (constant) nama-sankirtana; shak patra phal mule udar bharana.

I also feel that it is the culmination of my own soul’s spiritual practices for zillions of my past lives that now I have this incredible opportunity to be able to meditate on my Nitai for 12 Hours daily as a monk, without all the cumbersome responsibilities and entanglements of family life.

Even though my mind conjures up zillions of excuses not to meditate on Him for 12 hours daily, what spiritual benefit can I actually share with this world if I myself don’t truly attain love for Nitai in this very life first? Nada, nill, or simply nothing. An empty vessel can’t pour anything into another vessel.

How will I ever be able to transmit Nitai’s infinite love and bliss into others through my recordings if I myself don’t fully drown in His love at every single moment of my life?

A spiritually bankrupt or unadvanced person can’t help anyone else spiritually. He or she can just make a show or fake claims of helping. I don’t want to do that.

My students call me Guruji. I want to truly become qualified of that name. I don’t want to be Guruji only in name, a show-bottle charlatan Master who can’t even save his own soul first. Guru means one who is always heavy with the power of deep meditation (dhyan) and realized knowledge (vigyan) which comes from that meditation, whether it is in his or her recordings or personal meetings.

It is a very serious responsibility to guide other meditators purely and spiritually primarily by one’s own example first and only then by one’s words. How can I possibly guide others if I myself don’t experience the full depth of Nitai’s love meditation for long hours daily?

I will only be cheating those who put faith in my guidance if I don’t relish and realize my own 12 Hours Meditation first. In such a case, whatever knowledge I will be guiding them with, will be my own dry speculation without any genuine realization.

In fact, not just my sharing, but everything I do is totally fake without feeling that constant background current of the deepest love for my Nitai via 12 Hours Meditation on Him daily. I have already realized this quite clearly.

Before I touch the material energy to engage it in the love of my Nitai daily via even one thought, I want my own soul to be first fully drenched in the deepest loving meditation on Him due to the sheer power of having already completed my own daily 12 Hours Meditation first.

There is no absolutely no other way for me other than taking this daily resolution if I truly want to engage the material energy in sharing His love without getting burnt by it myself and without throwing my soul again in the ghastly 8.4 million bodily species of life.

Meditating on my Nitai while lying down has totally changed my life. I will describe how I practice my Meditation in detail in another post. Due to this simple practice, I can now not only truly vividly visualize Him but also join Him with His associates in His eternal realm of love for the first time ever in zillions of my lifetimes.

For the first time in 50 years of my life I finally feel that I now have a hitherto impossible shot at actually seeing Him face to face in this very life itself, which is simply not possible for even the topmost yogis in this universe who are meditating for millions of years.

My soul does not want to lose this golden and rarest chance at any cost, come what may. Who knows in how many zillions of more future lifetimes will I ever get such a precious chance again? It is a last ditch do-or-die opportunity for me which I may never get again.

I have strong faith that if I simply remain absorbed in deep love for Nitai through my 12 Hours Meditation on Him daily, even just my passive presence on this planet will benefit the souls of all living entities in the topmost way possible, not just the souls on this planet but in our whole universe.

Then what to speak of the supreme benefit I will be able to share with this world for the very first time in the form of the love-laden recordings which I will record after my blissful daily 12 Hours Meditation on Nitai?

And when I meet a soul physically even for a few minutes, I will be able to effortlessly transfer this overflowing love of Nitai which I have so carefully accumlated and condensed in my heart during my 12 Hours Meditation on Him daily. In my own humble estimation, this is the greatest gift I can give to any soul whom I meet.

In addition to this daily 12 Hours Meditation of mine being the most fool-proof daily preparation for my own death because the soul attains what one thinks of constantly, I also want to show to this world as a monk by my own example, not just my words, that this Meditation on Nitai is ever-increasingly blissful and accessible to every single soul, irrespective of any qualifications or conditions.

It is certainly possible to practice this meditation for long hours (3, 6, 9, or 12 hours) daily with extreme ease, zero boredom, and increasing joy. It is due to the vivid visions granted by this meditation throughout the duration of the practice, which are especially enhanced by lying down while practicing it. nama sudharas koriya pan, jurao bhaktivinoda pran!

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20 thoughts on “My Daily 12 Hours Meditation Diary Begins”

  1. Jai Ho, Guruji, your Presence is already beneficial to whole universe what to speak of the world, All Glories To You. 🙏🙏

  2. Thanks dear Guruji for sharing your realizations in the form of this wondrous article. Very heart-touching to read and it shows your unfathomable and deepest attraction to constantly remain with Nitai and His associates.

    Thanks for mercifully starting your 12 Hours Meditation diary. It gives immense spiritual strength and encouragement to read your experience of such long hours of meditation when I think of how much unimaginable nectar you must relishing at every moment in your meditation… a tiny drop of it touches my soul through your divine writings.

    This site is an amazing one-stop blog for meditators to directly advance in long hours of Meditation and receive the unconditional love of Nitai!! 👏👏

    Your presence in this universe must be so nourishing to each and every soul in this universe even though they may be unaware of it. Thanks for teaching by your example of what it means to always remain in the fire of meditation on Nitai.

    You are the topmost inspiration for all who wish to meditate on Nitai constantly as you relish the nectar of Nitai’s Love at every moment. Thanks for taking the time to write this article. All glories! Pranams. 🙏🌷

  3. Your mere presence is already delivering whole universe Guruji! I will also try do this Guruji. I was also thinking myself this, that why I came to You. Now I have Paramhansa Guruji, who have given me such an extreme mercy of meditating on Nitai, never to be found in past, present, and future! 😭 I have time, then what I am waiting for! I should not let go this rarest opportunity of saving my soul for forever! Everything written on this website feels so deep. 😭 Pranams.🙏

  4. No decision is ever just only for yourself Guruji 😢 . You will drown in blissful constant meditation on Nitai, and drown as many others as you can in that bliss by your meditative recordings 😭 All strength to practice this Dhyan Yoga is coming from you. I cannot wait to hear and read what will come from your 12 hour Dhyan Yoga Guruji. Already we are induced to practice Dhyan just by hearing your voice. Yet you always strive to go deeper and deeper, to be always with Nitai with no break. You said before that you want meditation to be like a fully opened tap throughout your day, not a drop here and there. This has been your obsession for a long time, what will give the deepest meditation. This meditation of Nitai while lying down is so so powerful, even for beginners like me. I am so excited Guruji, to see how you will be even more inundated with Nitai’s love, even though you already exude this in everything you speak and do. What ever you do or speak, I always think it is the limit, but you always go further. You always teach by example. We are very fortunate to be guided by you Guruji. Pranams.

  5. This article made me jump with joy! We are witnessing from different parts of the world what true Love for Nitai looks like via the practitioners of this meditation. You are wanting every moment of your life to drip with meditation on Nitai. How rare and beautiful in this world of forgetfulness!!! What a rare gem!! That you will share on a blog with us is our great fortune. Right here right now we are having audience of a great soul so deeply attached to meditation.

  6. I don’t have any words to offer after reading 😭😭😭. May one day I get such a divine attachment to meditating on Nitai’s love all the time.

  7. Very inspiring and genuinely felt perception you have shared dear Guruji, I am so happy to be able to read on how you feel internally through this topmost meditation on Nitai. Such intense attachment you have for this meditation, and we are already seeing how much blissful all the practitioners are feeling after doing it. Thank you for creating this blog 🙏

  8. Beautiful post Guruji. So inspiring for an spiritual spirant to do his daily Meditation. Everyone can understand the intricacies of the Spiritual practices of a Pure Meditator like you, whose very life and soul is Nitai.

  9. Any hints that after practicing this kind of meditation for some time the practitioner doesn’t get bored when he or she doesn’t achieve love for Nitai?

  10. Thanks Guruji. This post resonated a lot for me. Your humility is unparalleled and a huge inspiration for me. Thank you for setting this example of what a true meditation master and guide should be.

  11. Guruji, your love is very very deep for our Nitai. 🙏

    It can’t be expressed in words… Even though I am not qualified, still I am so fortunate to get a Guruji like you. 🙏

    Please bestow your love so that I can also meditate on Nitai very sincerely for long hours daily. 🙏

    1. I am meditating on Nitai to make Him appear in my internal vision and to let me live with Him in my meditation.

  12. What can I say dear Guruji. I really don’t mean it as any exaggeration, this website is the highest of all benedictions. It is so beautiful, I have never felt so hypnotized just by written words, Your 12 Hours Meditation is just outpouring in everything you write or record. 💙

  13. It is my personal, unfiltered Experience that the moment I came to the Association of Guruji and your Transcendental Meditation on Nitai, all my Endeavours in life have become much more serious. This is sure shot proof of the exalted and advanced nature of this Meditation and the Meditation Master.

  14. This blog is extremely beautiful. I really love it. Feel like every thing is very special in the blog. It’s divine. Specially to read after Meditation, is beautiful. Thank You so much Guruji for this precious gift. Thank You so much for all the endeavor of setting up all of it, all the comments and everything.

  15. Love the introduction, look and feel, content, writing style, general idea, everything. 👌 Simple, straight to the point, no unnecessary clutter.

  16. Jaya nitai gaur!
    “. . . this Meditation on Nitai is ever-increasingly blissful and accessible to every single soul, irrespective of any qualifications or conditions.”
    Sripad BR Sadhu

    Greetings from Vrindavan, MPdas