Vasudha Nitai Bhojan Lila in Ekachakra

How to Surely End Birth and Death?

Even if money is just temporary paper, if you want to earn thousands of dollars in this world, you still have to work for much more than 12 hours daily. Isn’t it?

Then how can you expect to practice meditation for less time daily but still attain the spiritual realm and permanently end your repeated cycle of birth, old age, disease, death, and suffering; which you have foolishly endured for zillions of past lives?

A period of 3 hours is called a prahar in Sanskrit. So just start practicing meditation on Nitai daily for at least 3, 6, 9, and eventually 12 hours daily if possible right from today, before it is too late to do anything to save your soul. That is if you want to ensure without fail that your soul directly enters the eternal spiritual realm of Nitai at the time of your death and also while living right now.

This is THE COST you have to pay if you want your soul’s true eternal life in this very life itself. Especially since it has been eluding you from zillions of past lives from time immemorial. There is no shortcut or escape.

You have to replace your material body fully with your spiritual body by meditation. That is the only way you can enter the spiritual realm of Nitai in this very life itself. And that is only possible by meditating on Nitai for long hours daily. No one has attained the eternal spiritual realm without this effort.

Remember that a caterpillar metamorphs into a butterfly by exclusively meditating on a butterfly’s body and wings day and night inside the cocoon with one-pointed determination and focus.

There is simply no other way. Any compromise on these daily hours of meditation may mean that your soul will have to take more lives in the 8.4 million species in this material world for sure. Do you really want that because that would be like willingly drinking the poison for your soul?

Give up all doubts about meditating on Nitai. Dhyan Yoga is nothing but always visualizing Nitai and never forgetting Him, which is the King of all practices in all the ancient scriptures. All other instructions like hearing, intoning, singing, reading, etc. are simply servants of this main principle.

Even if all other spiritual practices and teachings are lost from this world forever, this above one teaching of constantly meditating on Nitai is enough to take us into the His spiritual realm in this very life itself.

So just buckle up and start practicing meditation on Nitai for as long as you can daily from today itself. You may not live to see a tomorrow. Make your last ditch do-or-die effort, which you must do, to truly save your soul from transmigrating in the painful 8.4 million species of life again once more, before death strikes you.

Remember that very soon, there will be no time left for you to meditate. Death will come swiftly and throw your soul into unlimited suffering and oblivion again for time immemorial; when you are least expecting it.

And then you will have no choice but to again literally become a mouse (punar mushiko bhavah) if you have not sufficiently practiced long hours of meditation on Nitai every single day of your rarest human life, especially when you were healthy and fit enough to do it.

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2 thoughts on “How to Surely End Birth and Death?”

  1. Oh my dear Guruji, How beautiful are your words! There is nothing like them. When I read them I feel such deep strength.

    So ambrosial is everything you say. Such heavy words of truth that cannot be found any where else.

    I am weak but if I remember your words, I will be able to spend my life in long hours of daily meditation on Nitai as you are recommending.

    This 12 Hours Meditation diary of yours is my life 😭. I can’t wait to read every single word over and over again, it is the greatest love and caring being showing to all the souls of this world. To show them the way out of this suffering.

    Every where I look I see impermanence. But from you emanates a constant stream of the most beautiful eye-opening guidance. 😭

    My soul which is completely choked and feels watered by this alone.

  2. The whole world is put in such a position that unless they possess all of the above, they can’t survive. Everyone is after the possessions which they have to leave some day. But they are leaving out the meditation on Nitai which accompanies their souls eternally. 🙏