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Why Long Hours of Daily Meditation is Needed?

How can you ever expect to spiritualize all your material senses if you don’t remain in the fire of deep meditation for long hours daily?

Why am I insisting on long hours of meditation on our loving Nitai daily? Because that is the most important and critical recommendation in all the ancient holy books on meditation.

They repeatedly state that one should at least aim to meditate for long hours daily to make the utmost use of this rarest and precious life, even if one cannot do it right away.

There is no other way to develop the internal vision of your eternal spiritual form other than long hours of daily meditation. If you want to truly see Nitai and His realm face to face in this very life  that is.

How can you expect that all your deep-rooted material designations and sufferings will fall away on their own if you don’t remain in contact with your spiritual form in Nitai’s spiritual realm for long hours daily?

It is the only way to realize true detachment from this material world even while living in it, before we are very painfully forced to detach from it at the time of our death unwillingly.

True transcendental realization is finally within our grasp. You get what you pay for, isn’t it?

I never look at meditators based on their external labels or designations like housewives, doctors, lawyers, engineers, businessmen, realtors, employees, retired, etc etc. I always see them only as the eternal spirit souls which they truly are.

Hence I always end up speaking the bitter truth to awaken their souls; even if they like it or not, implement it or not, or even if it goes directly against the very fabric of the materially-engrossed and forgetful lives they are living right now.

Someone in this world has to at least compassionately try to awaken their souls from their deep slumber of forgetfulness of Nitai for the past zillions of lives. Because that is the only cause of everyone’s extreme suffering from time immemorial.

Even if all of this falls on deaf ears or it ends up like shouting to a wall, in my humble opinion it is still worth it if it arouses even ONE soul to the critical necessity of practicing long hours of meditation on Nitai daily and relish the eternally accessible fountain of His bliss, love, and peace.

Someone just someone has to take the responsibility of belling the cat by becoming a real well-wisher of everyone’s souls by speaking the bitter truths, even if no one listens and even if I lose everyone and everything I have in this world. This is the true selfless welfare work for humanity in my humble estimation.

No one else around us will ever remind us that our only real duty and responsibility in life is first and foremost for our own souls. Shayan Meditation on Nitai is the only possession which will come with our souls at the time of our deaths.

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