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Prostitute Attains Meditation Samadhi in Just a Few Months Due to Long Hours of Meditation Daily

A prostitute came to seduce Haridas Thakur, one of the greatest meditator of all times , who used to meditate for at least 21 hours daily without fail.

He was an intimate friend of our Nitai. He used to meditate for at least 21 hours every single day of his entire life, without even eating anything before his daily 21-hour meditation vow was complete.

And then a miracle happened. It was she who ended up getting so infatuated to the bliss of the meditation of Haridas Thakur after directly witnessing it first hand that she also wanted to relish the same for long hours daily.

So he painstakingly taught her exactly how to meditate and left. She followed every word of her Meditation Master verbatim with great faith.

In just a few months, she realized so much bliss in her meditation that an unbelievable miracle happened. She also effortlessly and spontaneously started practicing it for 21 hours daily on her own.

And lo and behold, in another few months, she became such a famous, effulgent, and supremely enlightened meditator that so many other highly advanced meditation masters from all over India started visiting her after walking for thousands of miles, just to catch one glimpse of her divine rapture in meditation.

prasiddhā vaiṣṇavī haila
baḍa baḍa vaiṣṇava
tāṅra darśanete yānti
(Cc 3.3.142)

Such is the extreme power of meditating on our loving and all-forgiving Nitai for long hours daily, especially while lying down.

All your accumulated paper money, possessions, power, fame, knowledge, career, relationships, mundane enjoyment, events of this world, and even materially good deeds in this life are not going to come with you or save your soul from extreme suffering in the 8.4 million species of life, after your death.

So your soul has absolutely nothing to lose but everything to gain by fully giving one life to long hours of daily meditation on Nitai.

And this meditation is not even difficult or boring to practice. It is supremely blissful throughout and thus effortless to practice (simply by lying down) in the beginning, middle, and end, keval ananda kanda.

Nothing is equal to it. Just try it and see for yourself! You will experience its supreme results, which have been described above, in days or weeks not even months.

The only condition is that you have to practice it for the longest hours you can daily. There is no shortcut to that. There cannot be any gain without sufficient pain. Just give one life for it and attain your eternal life with full guarantee.

Long hours of your time daily is the only price you have to pay to attain His love in this very life itself. The ultimate sacrifice of your daily time for long hours of meditation is more valuable than even all your wealth which you may be ready to sacrifice for it.

This is the only one thing which shows Nitai that you desperately want His love at any cost in this very life itself. This test of sacrificing your time to meditate on Him for long hours daily is the one and only test you have to pass to attain His love with 100% guarantee in this very life.

If you somehow manage to practice it for long hours daily, you will not be disappointed. In fact, you will be pleasantly astonished.

In a very short time, you will not just become self-realized and full of Nitai’s love and direct visions due to being situated in your own internal spiritual form, but you will also be able to indiscriminately share Nitai’s love in the topmost way to anyone and everyone who even sees or hears you once or even just by thinking about them.

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6 thoughts on “Prostitute Attains Meditation Samadhi in Just a Few Months Due to Long Hours of Meditation Daily”

  1. Such an enlivening story on how literally anyone can become self-realized and drown in Nitai’s Love by humbly learning how to meditate from a Meditation Master.

    What a rare fortune of the prostitute to have met the great Haridas Thakur. Very deep illustration of how the impossible becomes possible by long hours of meditation on Nitai as taught by a Meditation Master.

    All glories to Haridas Thakur! Thanks so much dear Guruji for sharing this distilled essence of meditation from the ancient scriptures🙇‍♂️

  2. My dear most Guruji, There is no price in this creation we can pay for these real well-wishing words for our souls. No one else speaks them in this world. I will take full guidance from these facts and spend my waking moments in deep meditation on Nitai! 😭

    I have personally experienced that in all the worlds there is no practice so powerful, loving, vivid, and blissful like Nitai’s Meditation while lying down.

    There is no personality so magnanimous like you Guruji who is himself making no compromise to be in each second practicing this meditation and then sharing some drops of your divine realizations with us in the form of these blog posts, thereby giving us all the spiritual strength to also consistently meditate for long hours daily like this! 😭

  3. The ultimate clarity of both our material and spiritual minds is truly possible by this meditation of Nitai. It is a meditation from the spiritual dimension. A meditation that will teleport you to the spiritual world. Its an addiction with no regret! One starts to attract so much of positive potency to live happily ever after even in this material world by it!! Thank you so much dear Guruji for giving us this ultimate gift!!