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The Hidden Secrets of Meditation

Gradually the eternal reality of Nitai’s pastimes visualized by your mind on the wall in your Shayan Meditation becomes more real than any material reality around you.

Even a faint glimpse of the absolute truth is the absolute truth!

The sounds of the birds chirping from outside around your house feel like they are coming from inside the Nitai’s pastimes which you are meditating on in your Shayan Meditation.

The longer you practice Shayan Meditation on Nitai’s pastimes and just remain there inside in your mind, the more the clarity of every associate in that Lila increases.

An iron rod literally becomes fire by persistent contact with fire.

Initially go inside Nitai’s pastimes, feel them, move in them, and wander in them in Shayan Meditation.

Don’t push yourself too much. Just be THERE in your Shayan Meditation!

Then automatically you will gradually start seeing Nitai’s associates around you.

After that, They will smile at you, talk with you, and play with you.

And eventually when you see Them vividly at all times, They will engage you in the service of Vasudha, Jahnavi, and Nitai in your own spiritual form.

Even if you are able to see just a tiny stubble of grass in the Nitya Ekachakra, just hold on to that vision in Shayan Meditation.

Don’t get discouraged that you are not able to see anything in Nitai’s pastimes except that divine grass.

That piece of grass will show you all the other pastimes of Nitai’s pastimes very quickly.

Patiently hold on to any tiny thread of remembrance in the Lila. And the whole spiritual real of Ekachakra will bloom in front of you very quickly in Shayan Meditation.

There is no shortcut than long hours of Shayan Meditation.

Your mind will tell you that since you have now practiced it for a few minutes or hours, it is more than enough for today.

Do something else, the mind will say.

Probably the mind is even right about it because any amount of Shayan Meditation is enough to save your soul for all eternity.

But still more of a divine thing can only be more divine right?

Because it helps you to gradually awaken to your true eternal spiritual reality.

The more you meditate on Nitai’s pastimes, the more you become an integral part of it and it becomes an integral part of you.

The more quickly your apathy and forgetfulness of Nitai from time immemorial gets replaced by your deep remembrance of Him.

The more guaranteed it becomes that you will enter it at the time of your death or even before.

But don’t despair if you can’t do it for long hours.

Even a small daily period of Shayan Meditation on Nitai’s eternal pastimes in Ekachakra can instantly (tatakshan) save your soul from the cycle of birth and death.

Svaplamapyasya dharmasya trayato mahato bhayat… Gita

Just lie down in this material world to truly live inside the Nitai’s pastimes in the spiritual world!

That is all there is to Shayan Meditation.

Can there be anything more simpler than this?

To turn a Nitai Lila painting into a pastimes movie in your Shayan Meditation, try to picturize in your mind His associates moving or serving there.

Then everything else will also start moving in the Lila and you will quickly feel that you are watching a live movie stream from Ekachakra’s Nitya Lila.

Lying down instantly makes you stress-free and forces you to let go of the illusory tasks you still have to complete in this material world.

This letting go is good because this material world is anyway an illusion conjured up by our mind to keep us busy in mundane thoughts 24/7.

Just like a mother keeps her child busy by giving a fake toy of a stove to play with so that the child stops insisting to actually cook on the real stove in the kitchen.

Lying down also makes us more introspective and contemplative.

That is why we tend to recap our whole day and perhaps the priorities in our whole lives as soon as we lie down.

Hence, Shayan Meditation is the very best for extremely vivid visions of Nitai’s pastimes by a very big margin.

Writing down what you experience in meditation on Nitai solidifies that realization of yours.

This is exactly how all the spiritual books have manifested.

Additionally, it nourishes the existing faith and increases the desire of other souls to meditate on Nitai too, which is turn makes Nitai Himself more pleased on you.

Thirdly, it will remind us later in times of despair that Shayan Meditation on Nitai’s pastimes did actually work for us.

Fourthly, it lets our Guruji know how we are advancing in meditation and that we are regularly practicing it.

If the Guruji does not even know that you are practicing it daily and what you are realizing, then how will the Guruji feel merciful (sadaya) towards you?

Don’t think that your Guruji is omniscient like Nitai, so you don’t need to explicitly share with him anything.

We at least owe our Guruji that much for all that he is revealing to us.

Additionally, this also pleases the Guruji and Nitai both, so your meditation becomes deeper. yasya prasadad bhagavat prasado…

In other practices, it is true that your intimate realizations may decrease by sharing them… apanar bhajan katha, na kaha yatha tatha…

But not in Nitai’s Shayan Meditation.

Simply because Nitai Himself thrives and becomes pleased 24/7 on sharing and distributing His love either directly or through His meditators.

So if one feels that one’s Nitai Lila sphurtis have momentarily decreased by sharing them or have increased one’s false ego, that is only an illusion created by Mayadevi so that we stop sharing to inspire other souls to practice Nitai Lila Dhyan too.

Everything about Nitai simply grows and grows by sharing, never ever contracts.

Hence I am so surprised why all our Shayan Meditators of Nitai’s pastimes don’t share their experiences freely every day since they must be practicing it daily?

All the scriptures are manifested in the simple words of one who practices Shayan Meditation on Nitai’s pastimes.

Because one who truly associates with the eternal truth of Nitai can never speak even a tiny drop of untruth.

Dharmasya tattvam nihitam guhayam,

Mahajano yena gatah sa panthah…

It is great that we need to quote scriptural verses for everything we have to say or want to accept.

But reading too much shastra may also make us analytical, critical, and judgemental of our own Guruji’s words.

One ends up willing to accept the Guruji’s words only if one can find shastra proof for it.

It is not about how much shastra you know. It is about how much you have assimilated and implemented from what you already know.

It is better to read one book with rapt attention from cover to cover many many times and in that way dive deep in it’s meditation than to pick up bits and pieces from everywhere in the shastra just to prove the point.

A jack of all can never become a master of one.

One may end up forgetting that even the simplest words about the absolute truth don’t need to be proved or justified.

They can actually change our lives.

Simple faith in the words of Guruji without needing shastra proof moves mountains.

If we think that these words are lower in importance than the scriptural quotes, then we are losing a lot of mercy, which is actually increasing as we come down in the Guruji Parampara.

Then we don’t need a Guruji in the first place. If we think that just the dry theoretical knowledge of the scriptures is enough.

yasya deve para bhaktir,

yatha deve tatha gurau…

Only in the heart of one who has absolutely the same faith in the words of both Guruji and Nitai simultaneously, can the imports of all the scriptures fully awaken.

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